Pasta Drinking Straws Extruder Manufacture
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Product Description

Technical Specification:

Model D-350
Max. width of coiled film 350mm
Bag length 30-160mm
Bag width 50-160mm
Bag type

Pillow bag,chain pillow bag,hole punching pillow bags.

Packing speed 40-230bags/min
Packing thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power supply specification 220V,50Hz,2Kw
Total weight of machine 400kg

Features :

1. PLC control performance is stable, bag length is ready to cut, one-step, time-saving membrane.
2. Touch screen operation interface, easy to understand, more intuitive operation.
3. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric tracking, digital input sealing position, so that the sealing position is more accurate.
5. Temperature independent control, better suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
6. Simple transmission system, reliable work, easy maintenance and maintenance.
7. Can be configured with a variety of additional devices, such as: code machine, nitrogen filling machine, alcohol spraying mechanism, insertion mechanism, automatic blanking mechanism and so on.